What's new in Troopr Check-ins
Automated async meetings for the work-from-anywhere workplace. Follow new features and improvements to Troopr Check-ins here.

Sept 1, 2021- Submit answers before time

Check-in participants can now submit answers to the next Check-in before time. Just click on the “Early Answer” button in the Check-in answer prompt in Slack or in webapp.
Fixes and enhancements:
  • Troopr Check-in customers can now set an automated schedule in planning poker Check-ins.

Aug 16, 2021- Duplicate an existing Check-in

Check-in admins will now be able to duplicate an existing Check-in without having to create the same from scratch.
Fixes and enhancements:
  • You can now add participants by display name or full name or email when creating or updating Check-ins.
  • Troopr Check-in reports will include participants that skipped and marked leave in the summary reports rather than in the thread.
  • Retro Check-in reports now allow Check-in administrators to vote
  • Fixed alignment issues in Check-in card listing in web app

July 19, 2021- Global Holidays for all Check-ins

Troopr now allows you to set default global holidays across Check-ins. Individual Check-ins will also have the option to override the default holidays.
Fixes and enhancements:
  • Desktop push notification message will now show a short summary about the notification.
  • Vote and Comment actions removed from all Slack reports except Retrospective based on customer feedback

June 28, 2021

Fixes and enhancements:
  • Troopr Check-in customers will now have restricted visibility of their Check-ins to only participants and administrators.
  • Fixed bug that caused time zones to not appear in web app reports
  • Performance improvements in listing user Check-ins
  • Troopr Check-in will now use display names over full names for participants in Check-in reports.
  • Performance improvements to delivering reminders for Check In
  • Workspace admins will now have visibility into all Check-ins in webapp and Slack

June 17, 2021 - Like and comment on Standup and task Check-in responses

Like and comment on Standup responses
Participants can now like and comment on responses in Standup and task Check-in reports in web app.
Fixes and enhancements:
  • Performance improvements for all Check-ins page in Troopr webapp
  • Minor bug fixes in “action items” feature in retrospective Check-in
  • Made minor improvements to task Check-in report delivery
  • Fixed issues that prevented some external guests from submitting standup Check-in responses
  • Fixed issues with missing acknowledgement messages for some Check-in participants
  • Fixed issues that prevented some users from accessing action buttons in task Check-in
  • Made minor improvements to Jira activity log in standup reports
  • Made improvements to “My absences” and “time zone” settings

June 2 - Check-in cards are sorted by Schedule

Check-in cards sorted by schedule
Check-in cards are sorted by schedule in Slack and webapp.
Fixes and enhancements:
  • Fixed issues with Check-ins Slack report threads
  • Performance enhancements for the Check-in tabs in webapp: reports, insights, action items, holidays and settings
  • Troopr now takes display name or email id if the user hasn't provided their name during install
  • Check-in admins are now permitted to take all the actions from either Slack or web app
  • Made improvements to Check-in loading speed
  • Check-in recent list are now sorted alphabetically in the web app sidebar

May 24 - New web app UI

Cleaner and more organized UI allows more space for content and scales better for upcoming new features in Troopr.
Fixes and enhancements:
  • Fixed issues with edit option for planning poker Check-in
  • Now the new admin receives an acknowledgement message with an auto login link “Go to Troopr App”
  • Added Sunday as an option in Schedule for all the Check-ins
  • Fixed issues with delete Check-in button
  • Fixed retro grouped feedback truncated issue
  • Fixed issues with votes and comments in grouped feedback for retro Check-in
  • Check-in anwer button now work from any workspace in the Slack grid
  • Fixed issues with previous standup answers not showing up in web reports

May 5 - Support for retrospective Check-in anonymous

Retrospective report in Slack
Now you can schedule an anonymous retrospective Check-in in 3 simple steps.
Setup retrospective in 3 simple steps
The team members can participate in Slack. Troopr aggregates the responses into Slack and web reports. Group/ungroup feedback. Anonymously vote and comment on other responses from either Slack or web reports. The retro action items are added and tracked to completion. Now you can add retro action items as issues in Jira.
Fixes and enhancements:
  • Fixed issues with Check-in answer button in App home for manual schedules
  • Fixed issues with Standup report showing no content
  • Added access restriction in Slack and web reports for retro feedback grouping
  • Error message added to task Check-in for unmapped users
  • Retro Slack and web reports show number of votes, comment and action items
  • Fixed issues with transfer of likes from duplicate to master feedback groups in retro Check-in

April 22 - Support for team mood Check-in anonymous

Team mood report in Slack
Now you can schedule an anonymous team mood Check-in in 3 simple steps.
Easy setup in 3 steps
The team members can participate in Slack. Troopr aggregates the responses into Slack and web reports. Anonymously comment or share feedback on other responses from either Slack or web reports.
Fixes and enhancements:
  • Grouping of retro responses either from Slack or web report
  • Number of votes on the retro responses are displayed in the reports
  • Fixed issues with report data in planning poker web reports
  • Likes and comments are transferred from duplicate to master feedback in retro grouping actions
  • Insights page of Check-ins by default show data from last 1 month
  • Team mood insights page now show best day and worst day based on mood scores

Apr 12 - Improved Retro Check-in

Retro Check-in improvements

You can now Vote and Comment on retro Check-in responses directly in the Slack Check-in report. You can also see the list of action items for then Check-in by clicking the "Show All Action Items" button in the Slack Check-in report summary message.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Fixed issues with Slack user profile update sync failing in some scenarios
  • Fixed issues with Shared Standup Check-in not showing report data for external members
  • Troopr web app - paginated lists now allow page size configuration
  • Fixed a bug with engagement data when multiple Check-ins instances triggered on same day
  • Planning poker webapp shows issue description when answering
  • Fixed issues with Shared Standup Check-in insights page in web app
  • Fixed bug in Check-in "send to email" action in insights page

Apr 5 - Custom Team mood emojis

Team mood emojis

Team mood Check-ins can now be customized to choose the emoji for description of each option presented to participants during the Check-in.
Customize team mood emojis

Fixes & enhancements

  • Now you can submit feedback on Troopr from the web app (like how it is done in Slack)
  • You will now see acknowledgement in a popup on creating a new Check-in in Slack
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect date in Check-in last updated time

Mar 26 - Team mood insights

Team mood insights

Team mood Checkins now show chart representing mood score for each day for selected time period. You can use this as subtle indicators of how your team or participants are doing.
Team mood Insights

Fixes & enhancements

  • Checkins are auto enabled now after creation
  • Checkin insights page has option to download engagement data along with responses

Mar 22 - New sidebar UI

New sidebar UI

Cleaner and more organized sidebar allows more space for content and scales better for upcoming new features in Troopr.
New sidebar UI

Fixes & enhancements

  • Slack user name, profile pic updates now auto-sync into Troopr
  • Troopr workspace switcher in webapp shows workspaces list in alphabetical orde
  • Check-in answering in apphome is enabled again
  • Task Check-in now uses user token to pull issues and during report generation

Mar 15 - Planning Poker enhancements, Custom Help Docs

Planning poker Check-in JQL support

Planning poker Check-in now supports answering with reason in web app. Planning poker Check-in can now be re-used with same JQL filters any number of times. The Check-in will dynamically pick issues based on the configured JQL and run a new session every time.
Planning poker Check-in JQL support
Configure JQL

Planning poker Check-in estimation template

Planning poker Check-in now supports estimation templates. You can pick from built-in templates including linear, Fibonacci, T-shirt or blank and customize to your needs.
Estimation template

Custom Help Docs

Customers can now set their own help desk link if they have their own getting started material for their team. This setting is available in the Feedback settings page. This will update the links to Help docs everywhere within Troopr.
Custom help docs

Fixes & enhancements

  • Task Check-in Jira activity log design is now easier to read and more compact
  • Planning poker Check-in will now (by default) send report as soon as all participants respond
  • Retro Check-in Action Items is read-only except for participants & administrators
  • Check-in skip feature will be disabled after wait time when "late Check-in" is disabled

Mar 8 - Customize Unfurl behavior

More granular Unfurl configuration

Now you can choose how Troopr expands context when Jira issues are mentioned in Slack. You can also completely disable this behavior. See configuration in Connection page for details.
Fixes & enhancements:
  • Planning poker Check-in can now be setup and edited in web app
  • Fixed bug in answering Check-in from web app where previous answer was disappearing from screen
  • Planning poker Check-in - minor design updates to answer form & report
  • Retro Check-in - in case of skip or leave states, vote and comment options will be disabled
  • Retro Check-in Action Items will be read-only except for participants/admins

Feb 22 - Retro Action Items & New Check-in report formats

Retro action items
Check-in response grouping

Retro checkin action items

Now you can extract action items from your team feedback and track them to completion. Extract action items by clicking on "Action Item" button corresponding to the feedback. Track all action items in separate "Action Items" tab. This feature is available in the web application and will be coming soon to Slack as well.

New Check-in report formats

More options to customize how Check-in reports will render in Slack. Based on the size of your team and their needs, you can pick the option that is optimized for better engagement and alignment.

Other enhancements

  • Slack can now render preview of most Troopr "blockkit" notifications via fallback message
  • Resolved bugs that sometimes broke "Likes" and "Comments" functionality in retro
  • Resolved bug that broke Check-in manual reminder feature in web app in some scenarios

Feb 8 - New Dashboard and more enhancements

New Dashboard

The new Troopr web Dashboard page will be the default landing page. Other than the personal reports which you could always configure here, the new dashboard has shortcuts to important pages for managing your Check-ins, Jira account and more. Login to https://app.troopr.io and see for yourself.

Previous answer

Standup check-ins now include answers from the previous report at the time of answer and in the report

Late submission and update

Task Check-in - updated design to be glance friendly for longer reports

Other enhancements

  • Troopr now handles cases when app is accessed from a Grid member workspace where it is not installed. More Grid workspace bugs resolved.
  • Billing module now handles payment failures with support for self service resolution options
  • Checkin : Users removed from Slack workspace are removed from all Check-ins
  • Slack app dashboard (apphome) now shows last refresh time
  • Insight report member selection in filter is now faster
  • Webapp answer submit button is now faster
  • Workspace picker now shows full name
  • Task Check-in - fixed bug: participant Jira account verification status shown incorrectly

Jan 19 - New Pricing and Billing Profile Management

New Pricing Launched

Workspace administration and few more premium features launched as part of "Premium" plan. Learn more about the new pricing options here.

Billing Profile Management

Customers can now manage their Billing profile in Troopr customer billing portal. The new portal will allow customers to
  • Update payment method
  • Download Invoices
  • Change Troopr subscription plan
  • Update Billing profile information
Only workspace administrators will have access to the customer Billing portal. Read more about it here.

Other enhancements

  • Fixed issues with setting default project tracker for the workspace
  • Fixed missing Jira activity log in Jira Standup (Task Check-in)
  • Task Check-in now shows activity log only from the configured Sprint
  • Task Check-in - fixed engagement metric calculation bugs

Jan 13 - Workspace and Check-in administration

Workspace administration

The person who installed Troopr is the Troopr workspace administrator by default. Now you can add more administrators using Troopr workspace administration feature. Add any member of the workspace as administrator. Read more about workspace administrator privileges here.

Check-in administration

The new Check-in administration management allows one or more users to be Check-in administrators. Check-in administrators can manage Check-in including adding and/or removing other Check-in admins. Read more about it here

Checkins late submission

Checkins late submission can now be disabled. Read more about it here.

Other enhancements

  • Engagement and Mood score included in Check-in Slack report summary message
  • Dismiss button now shows up in almost all messages from Troopr
  • Checkin new scheduling options now available in web app as well
  • Users without Jira account mapping are also shown in Task Check-in participant list
  • Checkin insight now shows values rounded to firs decimal point
  • Retro Check-in webapp report now support Jira issue mentions like in Standup Check-ins