Connecting Jira (Cloud)
To get started, you can navigate to Jira "Connection" page by navigating to Troopr web app and then to "Jira Bot" then choose the "Connection" tab on the left sidebar.
Choose "New Jira Cloud Connection" to start the connection workflow. It is recommended that you use a dedicated Jira account with admin privileges to setup this connection.

Step 1: Enter Jira URL

After clicking on connect, you will be redirected to the Jira connection page, enter your Jira domain and click “Next”

Step 2: Create Jira App Link

In this step, you will have to create a Jira App link from your domain to Follow the instructions given on this page to create the Jira App link and click on Next.

Step 3: Configure the Jira App Link

Follow the instructions on this page to Configure the created link and click “Next”

Step 4: Secure the Link

In the final step, secure the created link and click “Connect”
Once done, you should see connection status in the "Account" section of the "Connection" page.