Getting Started (Team members)
Every team member will see a personalized list of Check-in meetings in Troopr Assistant Home tab in Slack. There is no need to request for the list using commands, Troopr provides a persistent and current list of Check-in meetings in the home tab.
To go to "Troopr Assistant Home tab in Slack", click on "Troopr Assistant" in Slack (if not visible, add the app first by clicking on "+" button next to Apps and choosing "Troopr Assistant"). Then navigate to the Home tab.
The list shows Check-in meetings associated with the user. The list is always up to date and actionable.
Every team member receives a Slack notification briefing the Check-in information as and when the facilitator has set up a meeting.
New Check-in notification
At the time of Check-in, participants receive a message with an action button prompting them to file their responses. The participants are also allowed to respond to the questions later. In this case, Troopr dynamically sends a smart reminder within the configured time-boxed schedule, encouraging the participants to contribute.
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