Running team retrospectives in Slack

You can engage your team in Sprint retrospective in Slack. Troopr will ask your retrospective check-in questions to the participants and send summary responses in Slack channels and web.

To setup a Retrospective Check-in, navigate to "Troopr Assistant" Home tab, click on "New team Check-in" and select "Retrospective" from the drop-down.

Troopr Assistant home tab

The setup form is similar to setting up a Standup. In the first step, the schedule is set to manual by default, you can set up a recurring schedule if that makes sense for you. You can pick the participants for your retro Check-in in this step.

In the next Step you can pick a question template from available 20+ templates. Questions will populate based on the template you pick and then you can customize as you need.

Team retrospective templates

In the next step you can choose the reporting options similar to how it is done for standup Check-in. Starting a Retro Check-in, answering and managing reports is similar to how it is done for Standup check-ins.

The participants responses are open for voting, commenting and suggesting actions items to be tracked and added to Jira. This can be done in the thread sync in the Slack or Web report.

Example of feedback report compile by Troopr in Slack thread:

Retrospective report in Slack

Action items in web app:

Action items in web app

Example of feedback report compiled by Troopr for the web.

Retrospective web report

In the web application report, you can see history, setup vacations, download the reports, email them and take many more actions. Setting up team holidays is similar to how it is done for Standup Check-ins.