Setting up Shared Channel Standup
You can set up a shared channel Standup with people outside your organization. Please note that you can create a Shared Channel Standup from within a shared channel only.
All members of a shared channel can be the participants in a Shared Channel Standup.
Invite Troopr to your shared channel and type the following command to get started.
/t checkin
Click on "New Shared Channel Standup"
Shared channel Standup
Select a schedule and customize Questions as you would in a normal Standup. Only you don't have to choose participants explicitly.
Choose your reporting options as you would in any Standup.

Answering Shared Channel Standup

The reminder prompt for a Shared Channel Standup will be posted to the shared channel directly. Any member of the shared channel can participate and the report will include submissions from every participant.
Note Troopr cannot reach out to external members directly so it will not be possible to send reminders to them for pending responses.