Setting up Standup Check-in
To set up Standup meetings, Choose from any template or click on "New Check-in" and customise the template:
Check-in Templates in the webapp
Alternatively, In Slack, navigate to the Troopr home tab, click on "New Check-in" and select "Daily Standup" from the dropdown.
Create check-in from App Home in Slack

Standup creation form: 3 Steps

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    Reporting Options

1. Setup Schedule

In the first step, choose a name for your Standup, participants and schedule.
Setup schedule
Choose the schedule type:
Schedule types
Pick days of the week when you want Troopr to run the standup.
Scheduling days
When setting up Standup for a team with members in multiple time zones, you may want them to check-in at a time that suits their time zone. Troopr lets you set up Standups that run at the user's local time zone.
Choose timezone
You can also set up team holidays when you don't want Standup to run.

2. Setup Questions

The default template has daily scrum style questions pre-populated. You can add up to 10 questions. Standup will need at least one question to work. When answering, note that the participant is expected to submit an answer to at least one question.
Setup questions

3. Reporting Options

Choose reporting options

Report Delivery

Choosing "After wait time" will send participant responses to the report channel after the scheduled wait time. In the case of multiple time zone Standups, the behaviour will be different. Choosing "After every response" will send participant responses to the reporting channel as soon as they submit.

Wait Time

Specify how long you want Standup to run before sending the summary response to the report channel. Type any time here to select a custom wait time.
Wait time options

Report Channel

This is the Slack channel where the summary report will be sent. You can choose between sending to a Slack channel or privately to one or more people.

Response grouping

By default, participant responses will be grouped into a Slack thread by the user. Other options are available as below:
Response grouping
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    Group by user in thread: By default, Troopr will pull user activity from connected tools like Jira and Github. Choosing "No" will disable this feature.
  2. 2.
    Group by question in thread: Responses will be grouped by question inside one Slack thread. The main message will contain the report summary message and messages inside the thread will be one per question. Due to limitations in Slack, Troopr can only show up to 16 answers per question (meaning 16 user responses). You can always view the full report in the web app in the link available in the summary message.
  3. 3.
    Group by user in channel: Responses will be grouped by the user who submitted them. This option is ideal when you want others to comment /start a conversation from the user's response. You can bring multiple participants into the conversation there in the thread.
  4. 4.
    Group by question in channel: Responses will be groped by the question and delivered as main channel messages (no thread). This is ideal when you want to easily glance through responses to one particular question (blockers) or you want to start a conversation about responses to a particular question (what did not go well in the last sprint?)


Upon submitting the creation form, you will get an acknowledgement like below.
Check-in creation acknowledgement
Choose “Other actions” ⇒ “Run now” to run the Standup immediately (maybe for testing or an impromptu session).
When you enable the Check-in, every participant will get the following notification.
Check-in acknowledgement sent to every team member

Answering Standup

When its time for Standup, participants will get the following notification
Check-in notification
Clicking the answer button will open the Standup answer form that typically looks like this.
Answering Standup
Click the submit button once you are done.

Standup Report in Slack

You will find the Standup report in the reporting channel looks typically like this:
Standup report in Slack

Standup Report in Web app

The web report is an external record of responses from the team for the Standup. The report will show the previous Jira activity as well as the previous answers of the participants. It is easier to navigate across reports and download report data when you need them.
Standup report in the Webapp

Standup Engagement Report

Troopr engagement report for every Standup gives a sense of how engaged the team is. To view the engagement report, go to the Troopr web app at and click on Check-in and choose your Check-in and navigate to the "Insights" section on the left menu.
Standup engagement report