Team Mood Question

Team Mood Question

You can add a team mood question to your standup, to check in on how participants are feeling.
This is an optional feature in your Standup settings.

Setup mood question

To enable team mood question in an existing Standup, navigate to Troopr home tab where you can see the list of all your Check-ins. Choose the Standup, Click on "Other actions" β‡’ "Edit" to launch the Standup editing form.
Check-ins - Troopr home tab
(If you are creating a new Standup, click on "+ Standup" in new Check-in instead)
Edit already configured Standup
In the Edit form, click next to go to the Questions configuration. Select a mood question of your choice and click next and submit.
Setup team mood questions
You can test this standup by clicking on "Run Now"

Answering Mood question

When it is time for Standup, participants can choose from one of the following answers.
  • Excellent 🀩
  • Good πŸ™‚
  • Average 😐
  • Hard πŸ₯΅
  • Bad πŸ™
Answering mood question

Team mood in Report

Team mood indicator appears in your Slack Standup Report
Team mood in Slack report
and the web Standup Report
Team mood in web report
and in the Standup History Reports.